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Protocystis xiphodon (Haeckel, 1887)

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Challengeria xiphodon (p. 1648):
Shell circular, nearly spherical, slightly compressed. Peristome on the dorsal corner with a single simple vertical tooth, which is straight, three-sided prismatic, and as long as the shell.

Dimensions: Diameter of the shell 0.1 to 0.13, length of the tooth 0.1 to 0.12,
Habitat: Tropical Atlantic, Stations 349 to 352, surface.
Haeckel 1887
Challengeria xiphodon (p. 91):
Diese Art ist der Ch. tridens sehr ähnlich, besitzt aber einen einfachen Peristomzahn. Höhe der Schaale (den Zahn nicht mitgerechnct) 0.088 bis 0.091 mm, Breite ein wenig grösser. Länge des Peristomzalmes 0.062 bis 0.067 mm. Structur der Schaale wie bei Ch. tridens, 4 Sechsecke auf 0.010 mm. Structur des Zahnes viel feiner. Sehr selten: Hjeltefjord, 12/11 1898, in einer Probe aus 0-100 m Tiefe. Ice habe nur zwei Individuen gesehen.
Jørgensen 1900
Protocystis xiphodon (p. 141):
Rather frequent, but always sparse. Always in deep water samples.
Distribution: A temperate oceanic species, distributed from the tropical part of the Atlantic to the north coast of Iceland (CLEVE, L. 40, p. 147). On the west coast of Norway, very rare (1899). In the North Sea at several places in deeper water in May and August 1903, especially in the northern opening towards the Norwegian Ocean (L. 18, 1903-1904, nr. 1). According to BORGERT 1. c. also known from the East and the West Greenland Current, the Labrador Current and the Mediterranean.
Jørgensen 1905











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