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Diartus hughesi (Campbell and Clark, 1944)

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Shell fairly large, with cylindrical center and five chambers at each end; central cortical section short (about 0.2 total length), somewhat wider than long, and with very slightly convex sides which are parallel, its surface rough but not thorny and with many small, deeply set , well-spaced, elliptical pores; peripheral cortical shell with five chambers on each opposite, club-shaped pole; these chambers kidney- or cap-shaped, fitted against each other with overlapping spine-bearing edges, chambers with convex distal ends and concave proximal ones with a sharp transverse cross-wall and free ridge, distalmost chamber on each end with about a dozen projecting spines which arise inside on its proximal wall and extend through chamber and pierce it; chambers with four to six longitudinal rows of elliptical to ovoidal, rarely irregular, well-set (not so deep as those of central section), generally pores subuniform in size; framework of peripheral section of wider bars than in central section; medullary shell obscured. Length, total, 280µ, of central section, 48µ; greatest width (across peripheral arm), 90µ.
(Campbell and Clark) 1944











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