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Ellipsostylus salebrosus Blueford, 1982

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Single shell, 72-80µm in diameter. Outer shell 5µm thick with bumpy surface; some slightly elongated along polar axis. Two unequal, conical, polar spines, in length 40-70 and 15-25µm, smaller spine sometimes arrow-shaped. Pores circular, of equal size, 3-5µm in diameter, closely packed, polygonally framed 5-8µm between pore centers.
Distinguishing features:
Small, single shell with bumpy surface, slightly elongate along polar axis with two unequal conical spines (some are arrow-shaped). Differs from Ellipsostylus distachyus by its thinner shell, conical spines, and bumpy surface and from Druppatractus hastatus by having a single shell.
Blueford 1982











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