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Axoprunum stauraxonium Haeckel, 1887

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Shell ellipsoidal, one and one-third times as long as broad, with smooth surface Network regular, with circular meshes four times as broad as the bars. Two polar spines three-sided pyramidal, half as long as the shell, as thick as the base as a single mesh. Four inner radial beams (lying, two in the major and two in the minor axis of the ellipsoid) very thin, at the central free ends knob-like, thickened. The distance between two opposite beams equals one-third of the minor axis and indicates probably the diameter of the lost spherical medullary shell. (Three perfect and complete specimens of the same size and shape were observed.)

Major axis of the ellipsoid 0,14, minor axis 0,11; pores 0,012, bars 0,003; length of the polar spines 0,07, basa1 breadth 0,012. (Diameter of the lost medullary shell 0,03?)

South Atlantic, Station 338, depth 1990 fathoms.

Haeckel 1887











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