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Clinorhabdus ocymora Sanfilippo and Caulet, 1998

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Description: Elongated three chambered theoperid with a variable abdomen. Cephalis elongate to subspherical with numerous small subcircular pores with or without a short apical horn. Fundamental spicule similar to that of its ancestor C. anantomus. Progressively the median bar becomes less oblique and the vertical spine protrudes higher up on the cephalic wall. The thorax, sometimes thorny, is inflated conical in the early part of the range and becomes subhemispherical in the later part, with quincuncially arranged subcircular pores. The abdominal shape varies from long cylindrical to wavy in early forms to shorter, inflated cylindrical in later forms. The abdomen is separated from the thorax by a narrow constricting band expressed externally as a well marked lumbar stricture. Abdominal pores are only slightly larger than those of the thorax and quincuncially arranged. Termination commonly a simple peristome or closed.
Sanfilippo and Caulet 1998











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